Cancer is deadly : You need a different Approach

Cancer is deadly : You need a different Approach

A critical observation of the Aadesh Shrivastava Cancer Story 

Bollywood’s most celebrated music composer Aadesh Shrivastava was fighting a tough battle with cancer. The artist who is known for his immense contribution to the music industry, is critical after the third relapse of cancer a month ago. According to reports, the doctors have already lost hope on Aadesh’s recovery, but are still trying their best to keep him going.

Talking about the relapse of cancer, Vijayata Pandit has said that the two were in America when suddenly Aadesh Shrivastava’s nose started bleeding, and since then it wouldn’t stop. Due to the same, he was admitted in Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital after returning to India, and since then he has been bed ridden.

Saddened to the core, Vijayata Pandit also shared that her children’s lives are torn apart. The family is burdened not only with the illness, but the financial pressure is also taking a toll on them. Reports suggest that the financial turmoil is hovering around the family, as they have to spend Rs. 12 lakh for every lifesaving injection.

Brother in law and music composer Lalit of Jatin-Lalit duo, was also heard sharing that the doctors are trying their best to reverse the disease, but it’s very difficult. Lalit further was heard adding that the lifesaving injections are also not showing any effect, and now they are on the lookout for some new therapy which will help him recover fast.

Music director Aadesh Shrivastava, who was in critical condition and undergoing treatment for cancer, passed away in Mumbai on Saturday at 12:30 am, a day after he turned 51.

FAT is our Friend... But how would you know.....

FAT is our Friend... But how would you know.....

Author & Inventor : “CLEARopathy”
Expert : Ancient Psychology & Energy Science
Specialist : Ancient 3 Body Secret of Energy Medicine.

More recently, nutritionists are beginning to question the notion that fat – and in particular, saturated fat – is the culprit in heart disease. For example, an enormous 2009 meta-analysis in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition of over 347,000 subjects concluded “A meta-analysis of prospective epidemiologic studies showed that there is no significant evidence for concluding that dietary saturated fat is associated with an increased risk of chronic heart disease or cardiovascular disease (Siri-Tarino, Sun, Hu and Krauss).”

Fat is an essential part of the human diet.

Dietary fat serves many important nutritional roles:

Fat is the optimal, preferred fuel for the human body. I think of eating fat as giving my body’s internal ‘stove’ good hardwood fuel, compared to the ‘kindling’ of carbohydrates (i.e. grains, potatoes, and sugar).

Fat has more than double the energy per unit than carbohydrates, and that energy is absorbed more slowly than carbohydrates (preventing the insulin spike associated with high carb meals). Fat energy is burned more slowly and over a longer period of time than carbohydrates. This makes a huge difference during winter camping.

Saturated fats (like Ghee, lard, butter and coconut) are actually the best fuel source of all – they provide greater energy and warmth during strenuous activity. Saturated fat is also the heart’s preferred fuel! Interestingly, when our bodies want to store excess calories (whether from protein, carbohydrates or fats), they first process and convert the calories into saturated fats before storing them as adipose tissue (fat cells). This demonstrates how our bodies recognize saturated fat as the most efficient fuel source.

Healthy neurological functioning is dependent on sufficient fat. Our brains are largely made up of fat and cholesterol, and fats also constitute the protective covering (myelin) and membranes of nerve cells. Adequate dietary fat helps to repair damaged nerve tissues.

Many micro-nutrients, including vitamins A, D, E, and K, require dietary fat for proper absorption and assimilation.

Healthy skin requires sufficient fat intake. Our body cannot produce its natural thin protective oil barrier without sufficient dietary fat.

The Essential Fatty Acids (Omega-3 and Omega-6) cannot be manufactured by the body and must be obtained in the diet. These are used extensively in cellular metabolism, producing prostaglandins (which regulate major body functions like heart rate, blood pressure and immune function.)

Our bodies naturally feel satiated when eating enough fat, making it difficult to overeat to the point of weight gain on fat. Our body does not have the same regulatory mechanism for carbohydrates.

In every traditional diet, fat is prized as the most dense, nourishing and life-sustaining nutrient available.
Traditional subsistence hunters eat the fatty organ meats first (similar to the practice of wild carnivores), and prize kidney suet (which happens to be the most highly saturated body fat) above all. In contrast, the lean muscle meats are most likely to be fed to their dogs. In the 1930s, Dr. Weston price noted that in his worldwide travels, every traditional diet he observed valued concentrated animal fats as essential aspects of their diet – including, Ghee, butter, cream, fish oils, coconut oils and lard. Among herders like the Maasai, and hunters like the Inuit, fats constitute up 60% – 80% of total calorie intake. In both of these groups, those eating their traditional diet have excellent cardiovascular health and a complete absence of obesity.

Our sedentary lifestyles and massive consumption of refined sugar, corn syrup and industrially manufactured trans fats (margarine, vegetable shortening, most processed pastries and snack foods, hydrogenated oils) have far more to do with our obesity and heart disease than do our consumption of traditional dietary fats. Broadly speaking, if a food is unknown in nature or non-industrial agriculture (think high fructose corn syrup and partially hydrogenated soyabean oil) it is not good for us. The natural, healthy fats that our ancestors enjoyed and that our bodies crave are perfectly healthy, nutrient dense foods. That includes saturated fats like butter, cheese, bacon, egg yolks and coconut oil as well as unsaturated fats like olive oil and nuts.

Many people who have rediscovered the importance of healthy fats retain a deep fear of cholesterol as the primary cause of heart disease. But what if cholesterol, too, is a deeply misunderstood, and essential, nutrient in a healthy diet?

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Cancer Research Foundation

Cancer Research Foundation

Cancer Research Foundation is a department of Dr. Lall's Research and Development Trust, situated near Medhipatnam, Hyderabad, Telengana State.

Cancer Research Foundation overlooks the functions of the Chikitsya Research hospital which is an extention of Dr. Lall's CLEARopathy Clinic, now a full fledge CAAM Hospital (CAAM = Complimentary, Alternative, Ancient Medicine)

Origin and brief history of organization

Since 2003, Dr. S. Lall has spent years researching and compiling fascinating compendium of foods and their health-giving-properties. His sources range from a lifetime of experience travelling abroad, research through Ancient Texts, Cultures, Heritage and secrets knowledge via libraries and universities around the world and include a vast range of scientific papers which he has analyzed and summarized for everyday use and Healing powers.

He reviews both the health problems that can be helped by nutritional interventions and the healing properties of the full spectrum of natural (not processed) foods and drinks.

Dr. Lall's knowledge of natural remedies has been built over many years of research, his treatment deals on the physical principles as per ancient ayurveda “ Aahar, Vihar, Ayur and then Yog” to the very powerful Spiritual Energy Concept of Traditional Indian & Chinese philosophy and other healing principles of life and life energy.

While Researching to fight his own obesity and diabetes problems, led him to his own discovery in the vast knowledge and wisdom of Ancient Philosophies of Healing in our own Indian Heritage. His decision to share his knowledge through healing from his clinic provided new options in dealing with so called incurable problems emerged.

In order to promote awareness of the power of natural cures through foods as the basis of Energy and Energy Balance he began sharing his own life changing event wherein he treated himself from Type 2 Diabetes and Obesity. Since then Dr. Lall has been guiding people and healing them naturally through Food Qi and Acupuncture Therapy based on Ancient Indian and Chinese Healing Philosophy of Life and Life Energy. 2014 was the year when all the years of R&D and experience were entrusted to the formation of Dr. LALL’s R&D Trust.
The major objective of Dr. Lall’s R&D Trust is to provide people with a definitive and evidential based healing cures for Diabetes, Thyroid, Obesity, Cancer and other Hormonal Disorders, which the world has been believed to have no cures.
Dr. LALL has always been progressive and far ahead of the times. He has always appreciated the power of human Mind Body Spirit and utilized these energies to create wonders in the treatment of disorders which are commonly mistaken and propagated to be incurable by formal medical practices.

According to Dr. Lall Pharma Medicine should be the last resort and should be sensitively used under Traumatic, Emergency and Immediate Life Saving Conditions
His belief are strong and beholds on the foundation of Ancient Indian and Chinese Art of Healing and Practices utilizing the secrets of Life Energies …. Prana as per India or QI as per Chinese ancient wisdom of Energy Balance.

The journey of Dr. LALL’s CLEARopathy Clinic was and is successful due to the success stories of people who got healed from their unending pains and suffering.

The Trust managed Dr. Lall’s Clinic ranked amongst the topmost clinic in Nutrition and weight loss in Hyderabad

Dr. Lalls Clinic is a treatment centre for all Hormonal Disorders including Obesity which according to him is just a hormonal disorder and nothing more. Thus Weight or Fat issues, diabetes, thyroid, inflammation, PCOD, Stress, Depression, Cholesterol, BP, Infertility, Impotence etc. cannot be cured by any medicines ever, but through only Ancient principles of Energy and Energy Balance.

As per the International Research Published and reviewed, each and everyone of us is staggeringly exposed to the most dreaded and absolutely well marketed disease called CANCER.

The problem according to him is not, that, there is no cure. The problem is nobody bothers to reason out, understand or change the root cause of why cancer happens.

According to Dr. LALL the best Treatment from Cancer is to never have CANCER…. i.e Protection from Cancer. 
Cancer Treatment is very expensive and the end result is certain Death. So its far more economical to make some simple methodical changes at a very lost cost to save ourselves, our Children and Family from CANCER

This is far more Wise than spending a lifetime wealth in trying to save someone who is suffering from cancer and cannot be saved. He proposes and advocates that all should Care for family members when they are alive and stop showing care when they are dying.
: Saving Women and Children form Cancer
: Advocating the Ancient Indian Principles of Healing
: Touching Lives and Making an Impact.

Cancer Research Foundation assist women patients suffering from various Hormonal disorders leading to cancer from the funds and sponsorships received by organizing various Cancer Awareness Campaigns, Prevention and Reversal of Disorders/Diseases Projects and Programs.

The Trust Deed is Legally Registered under the Registration Laws and is also registered with the Department of Income Tax and obtained PAN number.

The Trust does not get involved in collecting Donations for any project however involves the individuals and organization in the implementation of the projects through sponsorship.

There are many women who are suffering from Glandular Disorders eventually leading to Cancer, the families are unable to bear the cost of their treatment and these women are left to their destiny and a painful cancerous death.

Dr. LALL’s R&D Trust is focused on all than can be done to help these women, but needs the basic support to sponsor the treatment which is natural and non pharmacy or non surgical based.


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Real People. Real Life

Real People. Real Life
Roma Lost 26Kgs in 9 Months. So can You.

Why are we getting FAT, Sick and Cancerous?

Why  are we getting FAT, Sick and Cancerous?
Why we are getting FAT, Sick and Cancerous. For A Live Orientation, Q&A with Dr. S. LALL : Call Today