Identify Autism

The following Poster Can be used to identify kids hit with Autism.



Admissions Open for Special Kids in Hyderabad

Admissions Open for Special Kids in Hyderabad

Admissions are ON for Special Kids in Hyderabad
Social, Educational, Treatment & Therapeutic School for All Spectrum Disorders including Autism, Dyslexia, Slow Learners, ADHD, Spastics and All kinds of Special Kids.


Autism is a lifelong, developmental condition that affects the way a person communicates, interacts and processes information.  The term 'autism spectrum' refers to the range of ways the condition presents itself in an individual which can vary greatly from person to person and throughout their life.
Eight disorders are part of or closely related to the Autism spectrum including Angelman Syndrome, Asperger’s Syndrome, Fragile X Syndrome, Lanau-Kleffner Syndrome, Prader-Willi Syndrome, Rett Syndrome, Tardive Dyskinesia, and Williams Syndrome. Each disorder has its own specific symptoms as well as symptoms commonly found in Autism patients.
Individualized medical and educational support should address the specific needs of the child.
SFA focuses on
1) Improving communication ,social academic ,behavioural and daily living skills with Individualized medical and educational support provided.
2) Assisted by professionals to help & implement a plan which is carried out at home and school.
3) AV and other technology structured class rooms where the information is presented verbally & visually.
4) Involvement of parents in child's growth and development programs.
5) Programs designed to meet student individual needs & specialized  adult support services in employment and living arrangements.
6) Help the child to grow, live,work & participate fully in their communities.
7) Provide models of appropriate language,social&behavioural skills.
8) Consistency and continuity is very important.
9) Special educational services available for public school, aged children including preschoolers.
The academics play 20% Role and 80% focus is on treatment and therapies during the immensely available time during school hours.
Admissions are on, If your child or Anyone's Child is seen as a slow learner, having dyslexia signs, ADHD, Autism etc.. do not ignore... They need special care, schooling and Therapy.
Regards :  Dr. Uma   : Medical Director : SFA
Contact Immediately :-
Ms. Deepa Jotwani    @     93471 34982

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