Cancer Research Foundation

Cancer Research Foundation

Cancer Research Foundation is a department of Dr. Lall's Research and Development Trust, situated near Medhipatnam, Hyderabad, Telengana State.

Cancer Research Foundation overlooks the functions of the Chikitsya Research hospital which is an extention of Dr. Lall's CLEARopathy Clinic, now a full fledge CAAM Hospital (CAAM = Complimentary, Alternative, Ancient Medicine)

Origin and brief history of organization

Since 2003, Dr. S. Lall has spent years researching and compiling fascinating compendium of foods and their health-giving-properties. His sources range from a lifetime of experience travelling abroad, research through Ancient Texts, Cultures, Heritage and secrets knowledge via libraries and universities around the world and include a vast range of scientific papers which he has analyzed and summarized for everyday use and Healing powers.

He reviews both the health problems that can be helped by nutritional interventions and the healing properties of the full spectrum of natural (not processed) foods and drinks.

Dr. Lall's knowledge of natural remedies has been built over many years of research, his treatment deals on the physical principles as per ancient ayurveda “ Aahar, Vihar, Ayur and then Yog” to the very powerful Spiritual Energy Concept of Traditional Indian & Chinese philosophy and other healing principles of life and life energy.

While Researching to fight his own obesity and diabetes problems, led him to his own discovery in the vast knowledge and wisdom of Ancient Philosophies of Healing in our own Indian Heritage. His decision to share his knowledge through healing from his clinic provided new options in dealing with so called incurable problems emerged.

In order to promote awareness of the power of natural cures through foods as the basis of Energy and Energy Balance he began sharing his own life changing event wherein he treated himself from Type 2 Diabetes and Obesity. Since then Dr. Lall has been guiding people and healing them naturally through Food Qi and Acupuncture Therapy based on Ancient Indian and Chinese Healing Philosophy of Life and Life Energy. 2014 was the year when all the years of R&D and experience were entrusted to the formation of Dr. LALL’s R&D Trust.
The major objective of Dr. Lall’s R&D Trust is to provide people with a definitive and evidential based healing cures for Diabetes, Thyroid, Obesity, Cancer and other Hormonal Disorders, which the world has been believed to have no cures.
Dr. LALL has always been progressive and far ahead of the times. He has always appreciated the power of human Mind Body Spirit and utilized these energies to create wonders in the treatment of disorders which are commonly mistaken and propagated to be incurable by formal medical practices.

According to Dr. Lall Pharma Medicine should be the last resort and should be sensitively used under Traumatic, Emergency and Immediate Life Saving Conditions
His belief are strong and beholds on the foundation of Ancient Indian and Chinese Art of Healing and Practices utilizing the secrets of Life Energies …. Prana as per India or QI as per Chinese ancient wisdom of Energy Balance.

The journey of Dr. LALL’s CLEARopathy Clinic was and is successful due to the success stories of people who got healed from their unending pains and suffering.

The Trust managed Dr. Lall’s Clinic ranked amongst the topmost clinic in Nutrition and weight loss in Hyderabad

Dr. Lalls Clinic is a treatment centre for all Hormonal Disorders including Obesity which according to him is just a hormonal disorder and nothing more. Thus Weight or Fat issues, diabetes, thyroid, inflammation, PCOD, Stress, Depression, Cholesterol, BP, Infertility, Impotence etc. cannot be cured by any medicines ever, but through only Ancient principles of Energy and Energy Balance.

As per the International Research Published and reviewed, each and everyone of us is staggeringly exposed to the most dreaded and absolutely well marketed disease called CANCER.

The problem according to him is not, that, there is no cure. The problem is nobody bothers to reason out, understand or change the root cause of why cancer happens.

According to Dr. LALL the best Treatment from Cancer is to never have CANCER…. i.e Protection from Cancer. 
Cancer Treatment is very expensive and the end result is certain Death. So its far more economical to make some simple methodical changes at a very lost cost to save ourselves, our Children and Family from CANCER

This is far more Wise than spending a lifetime wealth in trying to save someone who is suffering from cancer and cannot be saved. He proposes and advocates that all should Care for family members when they are alive and stop showing care when they are dying.
: Saving Women and Children form Cancer
: Advocating the Ancient Indian Principles of Healing
: Touching Lives and Making an Impact.

Cancer Research Foundation assist women patients suffering from various Hormonal disorders leading to cancer from the funds and sponsorships received by organizing various Cancer Awareness Campaigns, Prevention and Reversal of Disorders/Diseases Projects and Programs.

The Trust Deed is Legally Registered under the Registration Laws and is also registered with the Department of Income Tax and obtained PAN number.

The Trust does not get involved in collecting Donations for any project however involves the individuals and organization in the implementation of the projects through sponsorship.

There are many women who are suffering from Glandular Disorders eventually leading to Cancer, the families are unable to bear the cost of their treatment and these women are left to their destiny and a painful cancerous death.

Dr. LALL’s R&D Trust is focused on all than can be done to help these women, but needs the basic support to sponsor the treatment which is natural and non pharmacy or non surgical based.


Belly FAT ... What does it Means.. by- Dr. S. Lall

Belly FAT ... What does it Means..   by- Dr. S. Lall

If you've Got Belly Fat, you've already got Metabolic Problems, inflammation, Hormonal Imbalance and Glandular Disorders.... And Cancer is not far away from you....

Modern Medicine and Supplements does not have a solutions... So why wait and Die Everyday... Contact us immediately.

12 Facts that show why people get fat..... By - Dr. S. Lall

12 Facts that show why people get fat..... By -  Dr. S. Lall

1. People Are Eating More Junk Food and Fake Food Than Ever... Real Natural Food is so difficult to eat.

2. Sugar Consumption Has Skyrocketed..... It's so secretly embedded in your food that you will find it difficult to even notice the hidden sugar.

3. People Gain Lots of Weight During The Holidays and Festivals, Which They Never Get Rid Of.... By the way people nowadays don't wait for festivals to eat festivities... Also people celebrate global festivals locally... Superb

4. The Obesity Epidemic Started When The Low-Fat Guidelines Were Published... Flawed Researches are making more people fat and sick.

5. Fake Food is Cheaper Than Ever Before... The Real Food is still very expensive... As my patients...

6. People Are Drinking More Alcohol, Sugary Soda and Fruit Juices... Children are leading the pack..

7. Increased Fake Food Variety (Processed Food) Contributes to Overeating, hormonal disruption and Weight Gain.

8. People Don’t Burn as Many Calories When Not Working... You can never humanly outrun the popular yet flawed Calories Intake v/s Calorie burn formula...

9. People Are Eating More Vegetable Oils, Mostly From Processed Foods... Creating a social Super ban on edible Natural Fats.

10. The Depressing Social Environment is Strongly Affecting Fake Calorie fulfill fake hunger... Disrupting Psychological Balance.

11. People Are Sleeping Less... More parties... More night outs.. Resulting in Hormonal Imbalances and disorders creating more Fat Opportunities...

12. Sky Rocket Increase in Pharma, Medicine and Chemical interruption in Natural Body and Mind Functions...

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Real People. Real Life

Real People. Real Life
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Why are we getting FAT, Sick and Cancerous?

Why  are we getting FAT, Sick and Cancerous?
Why we are getting FAT, Sick and Cancerous. For A Live Orientation, Q&A with Dr. S. LALL : Call Today